The problem of having dead trees on your property goes beyond aesthetic reasons however, more importantly, they pose risks not only to your residential or commercial property but also, to human lives. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of reasons why you must not think twice or hesitate in having a dead tree taken out. 

Insects and Diseases Can Spread to Other Neighboring Trees 

One of the biggest culprits for dead trees is the disease. If your trees are diseased, the other neighboring trees are in danger of having the same infection as well. In addition to that, diseases can spread among trees quickly that can lead to more dead trees. 

Attracts Pests and Insects 

Dead trees do not just infect healthy living trees with diseases but also, they can attract a swarm of harmful pests and insects. Having said that, termites and rats usually make dead trees their habitat and soon enough, they’ll be infesting your house as well. 

Falling of Dead Branches 

If your tree is already dead, it would’ve dead branches, too. With that being said, a dead branch may fall anytime of the day, and may also cause damage to your property or worse, injury to those passing pedestrians. 

Dead Trees Can be Very Dangerous 

Aside from the falling dead trees, you must be concerned with the whole tree toppling over. Dead trees, in fact, have compromised the structure as well as can entirely fall off the ground or anything near it. If the dead tree is close to the roads, buildings or power lines, it can actually mean a disaster once it falls off. Removing the dead trees is definitely the best option left for you before the worst-case scenario occurs. 

How to Tell When Your Tree is Already Dead in the Winter Season 

It can be very challenging to tell whether your tree’s dead or not during their dormant phase, since most trees could look dead in the winter months. It would be useful for you to look for signs of life on the tree branches since healthy trees have small buds even during cold days. Also, you can use the scratch method to determine whether the tree in your yard is dead or not. 

How to Identify if Your Dead Tree Must be Removed 

In most situations, a dead tree must be removed however, there are still cases when it’s all good to let it be. When it’s in a remote area, you may leave the tree alone: Dead trees in those places may be home to various forms of wildlife. 

If 50 percent of a tree is damaged or injured, it must really be removed: Trees in this state might be beyond recovery, therefore, it is best to remove them as soon as possible. 

Near dangerous situations: For some safety reasons, a dead tree close to the power lines or some other fixed properties should be eliminated immediately. 

Removing a tree is not an easy task so you should be hiring a professional tree removing service provider such as tree service Charlotte for best results.