Of course, you may not be aware of it, but doors play several roles in your house. It provides partitions in your house, privacy that everyone needs at the end of the day, and the aesthetics that it provides to your interior design. Stanley door offers you a lot of advantages, as well as options you can try at home.

If you are considering changing your doors, you need to take note that there are many options you can have, depending on the material you need and prefer.

The following are the types of doors used on the material of manufacture.

1.Framed and paneled doors

These doors are very common in households. The frame is made out of wood while timber, plywood, and block board, is sued for the panels. There are man designs that can be achieved when you choose to be decorative on your doors.

The designs no matter what they become can still be very pleasing and they can be adjusted to what the house and its design requires.

2.Wood/timber doors

Timber is very popular for doors and windows as it is very widely available to different local places and areas. This makes the local carpenters have the material and create doors out of this.

There are many different kinds of wood that can be used for making a door and window and they also vary when it comes to longevity and durability.

3.Glass doors

Glass is ideal for paneling doors and windows. Typically, when you make a door out of glass, it needs to be on the backside of the house as it can be an ideal door to have an unobstructed view of the garden or backyard.

Glasses are rarely installed on the main door because of privacy and security concerns. However, so long as the glass is durable enough to withstand impact, it can be used on the main door.

Doors made of glasses are heavier and more expensive.

4.Aluminum doors

This is a kind of metal but more lightweight. You can see aluminum in different markets created and molded in different products. There are many advantages that aluminum doors can provide you. First, they are lightweight and therefore, easier to install, repair, move, and replace. Second, they are extremely resistant to different environmental conditions, unlike wood and timber. And third, they cannot be infested with termites.

These doors can be hung or slide and are ideal for both interior and exterior doors.

5.Steel doors

Steel has been used in the past and recent years as they are very durable, sturdy, and efficient. These doors can be hollow or in a solid form. It is a very good substitute for wood as it can also be used for making frames.

Steel frames are also somewhat popular in different neighborhoods the United States and even Europe.

Other doors:

  • PVC doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Bamboo-jute composite doors
  • Flush doors

When you are planning on installing a new door probably because you need a repair or you are remodeling your house, it is important to take note of what style and the material suit your house.